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Rock N' Roll

McLauchlin Murray

I guess I'm just an asshole
Must have lost my mind
Got my head firmly stuck
Up where the sun don't shine
The dog don't scream at heaven
'Cause God didn't give him hands
He don't ask stupid questions
The dog just understands

Sometimes I just start laughing
Like my sides could bust
I'm just another naked ape
Humpin' in the dust
Sprinkle pretty stardust
Over this tableau
Throw in a set of Pearl drums
And call it rock n' roll

Rock n' rock n' rock n' rock n' roll
Apocalyptic poetry
That was me I swear
Screamin' 'round the water hole
Wavin' bones up in the air
Add an outhouse full of money
Watch 'em line up at the door
Add an accountant and a lawyer
And call it rock n' roll

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