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Your Little Secret

Melissa Etheridge

I know what you're thinkin' baby
i used to be just like you
you move when she's not lookin' baby
one sugar ain't enough for you

you, you're takin' out your loans
you're burying your bones
before your cover's blown
you better take it home


i like the way you look
i know you like me
but one and one and one
baby makes three
stop playing those eyes
if you want me to keep
your little secret, little secret, little secret, yeah

tell it softly to me baby
you never meant no one no harm
your wonderland's a mirror baby
it's swiftly fading like your charm

you, you're stepping out of line
you're spilling all the wine
leave it on the vine
i can't give you mine


i could i won't
i can't i don't
you make it hard
talk down my guard
my senses soaked
my ego's choked
i will not lie
will not lie


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