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I Could Have Been You

Melissa Etheridge

Take take a look at the sky
sometimes your heaven seeems so far away
take take a look under here
where deprevation turns into decay
i've stood under this rain
felt it seep into my brain
i've shut my eyes and crawled around this mud
i'm scared of growing old
i shiver when i'm cold
dont you think i bleed the same blood


i, i could have been you
you could have been me
one small change that shapes your destiny
if you want the proof
cut me an you'll see
i could have been you
you could have been me

wait wait before you turn off
maybe theres a chance we can relate
wait everybody turns on
why deny a fact thats so innate
its not so easy anymore
they way you used to keep score
not so black and white the color of your sin
take a walk inside my shoes
a path i didnt choose
spend the night inside of my skin


change is turning into fear
fear is melting into hate
with hate you justify you crime
a crime compassion can erase
erase erase

touch touch what i feel
and know i believe evrything i say
so go go if you must
remember one thing as you walk away


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