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Shriner'S Park

Melissa Etheridge

I wonder what your doing
in the night out there
is a sad summer breath tangled in your hair
can you hear the lonely engines
screaming through the town
there's no where to run
when the darkness comes down

is there a song inside of you
that you tried to forget
like your fake id and your mom's cigarettes
does it take you back
is the vision intense
you and me in shriners park
trying to make some sense

you were just seventeen
but your laughter was mild
you liked my dreams you thought i was wild
is there a rythm in your step now
that reminds you of a dance
do you push it all away
cause you never took the chance

you'd sneak out your window
when i'd come for you
id be waiting in the street light on 8th Avenue
you'd slip into my car
we'd drive down past the fence
you and me in shriner's park
trying to make some sense

did you feel like you were crazy
when they sent you far away
did no one have the answers
when you hung your head to pray
you could not let yourself dream
never dare believe
you could ever be more
than you were born to be

do you lock up you house
like you locked up your past
if i were to call
could you free me at last
could you slip into my car
could we drive down past the fence
you and me in shriner's park
trying to make some sense

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