Walking in the morning
Or late afternoon
Anytime is the right time
When i'm walking with you
Even after evening when the whole world sleeps
I'm alive, eyes open wide
Thinking of you

Right from the beginning
When you called my name
There was no competition
Eeverything considered
You took me in
And so it goes
The story of sweet love again

Seasons always change
Some things never stay the same
But what we have together
Time cannot erase
This is such a lovely place

You can make a bad day
Stand up and sing
Next to you all the love in this world
Don't mean a thing
I am captivated
By the joy that you bring
Sunlight, snow or rain


Never thought i could feel
The way you make me feel
When you hold me in your arms willingly
What did i do to deserve all those tender words?
I'm the happiest i've ever been before


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Composição: Ed Cash / Melissa Polinar. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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