Foto do artista Memento Mori

Just Another Morbid Tune

Memento Mori

A rainy morning, another day
The shadows dancing their weird ballet
Their waltz surrounds me, they're closing in
My thoughts are drifting, delivering

Another morbid tune

Their fast cadenza bewitches me
My world is fading, how can this be?
I hear myself, it's a strange ordeal
The tune I play, what can it conceal?

Another morbid tune

Sweetly whispering it takes control
Of my body and my soul
Trying so hard to entice my mind
To leave my sanity behind
Drifting deeper in to depths unknown
I work my fingers to the bone
I try to play with passion, grace and style
To hit the note that I'm beguile

The veils of concience will gade to grey
Enchanting notes, they lead me astray
The room is spinning, it's turning fast
The demons of my mind, free at last

Another morbid tune

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