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Fucked Up Kid


The words you say, I'll never listen to
'Cause if I did I'd be just like you
But you're my enemy, and soon your gonna see
Ya gotta be yourself to be happy
'Cause your not, your not

Fucked up visions in my head
I'm a fucked up kid is what they said
but at least i know all the things that i want
and its all the things I've got

Cause you're so quick to point the finger
you act like your shit dont linger
it feels good when you see someone else in a rut
it gives you confidence and makes you happy
But your not, your not


you act as if you see my way
but i know that you wont leave today
cause change you what you fear the most
now the end is getting close
and the end is getting close
and the end if getting close


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