Cuz it's the last time
I ever wanna see you
It's the last time
I ever wanna hear you
It's the last time
I'm getting out of this for good and
It's the last time

If at all, you taught me anything
You taught me pain and hurt
Now can you tell me
Do you ever feel guilt
Any pain that you built
Inside of your heart


When I think all the thoughts come to my head
Of the last words that you said
They're stuck inside of me
Then I say this won't happen to me again
Three months later, you're my friend
And it's happening again

I will not cry
Alone as I lie
I said what about our past
She said stick it up your ass
She shut the doors with thoes words
She said were you thinking of me last time you were in bed
Yeah, it's the last time
It's the last time


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