Indian Pete


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Took a trip with your friends up to Michigan
Couldn't wait to get back 'cause you wanted to see her again
But now you're back and everything's changed
Why is it so different?
Why is it so strange?
While you were gone all her thoughts somehow got rearranged

She left you feeling so cold
She left you feeling all alone

You never thought that she would leave you in this way
and now you're all alone again - Why were you left astray?
When your lost, where do you run? Are you looking for someone?
To come forward and be a friend - who will be the one?

I couldn't believe it when I heard the news
To come to me you would refuse
You wouldn't want to talk to a friend
'Cause things changed in the end
Between us and a new crowd you had to choose
But such a friend I wasn't willing to lose
I said I'd be there until the end
'Cause I would do anything for a true friend