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Baby Doll

Michael Sweet

Just like god gave adam eve, god gave you to me
And when i got you honey,
I got love
My knees get weak and i just
Can't speak when i see you
Walk my way
And i know i'm getting
Tomorrow, what you gave
To me today, you gotta
Love me 'till the sun comes up,
And 'till the sun goes down
Take me so high that my feet
Never touch the ground
Love me in the winter, spring,
Summer and fall
Love me baby, love me
Baby doll

Other guys may stare at you but
Honey that's okay
'cause i'm the one that's
Holding you every night and day
With your big blue eyes and
Your ruby lips, they knock me
Off my feet
No i never need any sugar,
'cause you always make it
Sweet, you gotta