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Lift My Head

Michael Sweet

(verse 1)

Sing that song again for me, she said
Read to me those words that no ones ever, ever read
When you were old and ravens kept you fed

Pre - chorus

But i try, and i try, and i try, but i just can't get it right
Keeping sighs, weary eyes, afraid of when the sun would rise
Making time, a blur that blew right on by


One more day behind me, push me on
Walk beside me, make me strong
Keep reminding me of who to be
And how close i am to my dreams

(verse 2)

Walk with me and watch the wind blow by
She ran ahead and spun beneath a britely spotted sky
To touch it, all you have to do is fly

Pre - chorus

Repeat chorus


When i've lost the will to fight some more (lift my head)
And all the days when i just shut the door (lift my head)
Every time i find i'm lost and i've nowhere to stand
And it's over now, over now, lift my head

Repeat chorus