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Get It On Da Floor

Mike Jones

Major without a major deal comin soon
(Swisha House, Mike Jones will yeah Paul Wall what sup baby)
What sup baby, Shadyville.com, Dirty South reloaded
It's alright, Paul Wall & Mike Jones future comin soon
Be prepared, Swisha House, Mike Jones gon break em' off wit a ski tatse, just a little preview, it's alright

[Mike Jones]
The main reason why you motherfuckers struggle is cause you fuckers
Ain't got no hustle muscle, Mike Jones, I hustle from noon to night,
From dusk to dawn, why you niggaz be chasing hoes, I stay chasing my
Phone, I'm Mike Jones who who Mike Jones who who Mike Jones who
Who Mike Jones, Jone yeah I say my name a lot but I brain pain a lot
Watch yo' head and my rock and my screen name a lot, my alb who is
Who is Mike Jones comin soon, my alb who is who is Mike Jones comin
Soon, Mike Jones Shadyville.com and who kid, I say my name so much
They be like who is this kid, my neighbor Athem in the street, got
Platinum in my teeth, You want to show for me, sofe, it ain't free,
Swisha House, Swisha Plan, major without a major deal, haters hate
When I smile & display my platinum grill, 281-330-8004, if you want to
Know more, hit me up on the low
Mike Jones who Mike Jones who Mike Jones Jone Jone

[Paul Wall]
What it do, its Paul Wall im at the Lone Star State, I'm ahead of my
Time, but duh to the continous lake, from the 7-1-3 to the 7-1-8,
Ballin' is a bad habit that I just can't break, just can't wait, to see what I'm
Pullin out the garage, tops drop off for the cars to my dis stars, the ice of
My floor watch, show love is shinin, and the diamonds all fallin so its
Perfect timin, check the resurmain, its Paul Wall and Mike Jones
I'm chirp chirp I'm walkie talkie neztal phone, picture in King in Borden and the Asken Borden, laptop T.V. screens in the
visel watching
Morgan Steve Jackson got a rings Swisha House does the tings screens
On once on the bust D.J. 4 doin his thing, if I wrote it, I quote it,
Break the mic and I broke it , Whoo Kid homie down its
Dirty South reloaded, Paul Wall baby Swisha House

[Swisha House]
Know I'm talkin' bout, Swisha House, put it down
2004, Representatin for my partner Whoo Kid

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