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Perfection Is Boring


Hey little sister where are you going so pale
Is it really the end of your days
They say you’re only learning when you fail
Could it be you’re stuck in a phase

In my world perfection is boring
The cracks and the scars is what make things unique
It's hard, but it's best to ignore it
To chase the horizon for something you will never see
Perfection is boring to me

Hey little brother I hope you know you’re ok
Tall ladders can be tricky to climb
As we all know rome wasn’t built in a day
With baby steps you'll get there in time

It’s a trap, it’s lie, it’s a mental ball and chain
It’s a thorn in your side
It’s a hungry pitbull untied

It’s a spell, it’s a joke, it’s a trick played by your brain
It’s the models sickly pale
It’s a pointless twice told tale

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