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Hey Rich Boy


(M)hey girls, see that guy over there?
(M)think he's loaded?
(A)i don't know, but id like to find out
(D)hm i think we hit the jackpot

(M)so we walk in and all heads turn
(D)check us out just watch and learn
(A)your boys will look us up and down
(D)watch as their jaws hit the ground

(M)but your boys not the one for me
(D)this boy in fronts the one i see
(A)you can tell he's drippin' dollars
(A)so of course, i have to holler...

(chorus) 2x
(M)hey hey rich boy look my way!
(A)hey hey rich boy make my day!
(D)hey hey boy you look so fly
(M)throw that money in the sky!

(D)if you want boys with cars and cash
(A)show them how you shake it fast
(M)and boys if you want girls like me
(D)flash that cash where we can see

(A)you think i want that ice cold money
(A)well, hell ya, it's fucking yummy
(D)yeah i'm going straight to hell
(M)but here he comes, i have to yell..

(chorus) 2x

(A)he's sweet and nice and six foot two
(M)with that black faux hawk and eyes of blue
(D)but its the green that lures me in
(D)and that car that takes me for a spin, so...

(chorus) 2x

(M)cadillac, lexus, and mercedes
(D)i know you get all the ladies



(chorus) 2x


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