One day you come across a cave which you explore all alone
Hours have gone by and by and you come across some mossy cobblestone
You get out your pickaxe and dig your way in
You find this is where somebody else has been
But the chest inside is still there
You wonder why they didn't care
Upon opening this lonely chest
Theres one thing you find inside
A journal thats shaped like a disk
With the name on it dr. leon sisk
The first page is a biography
Archaeology, mineralogy, photology, zoology
A smart man no less, how did he become journaless?
The last page of his journal however
Looks to be of a daring endeavour
A door of some kind with phantom flames
And a man and a pig strapped together
Instructions were left on that very last page
The journal itself looks to be of some age
But i gathered materials for several days
This door, this portal, i soon shall raise

I am building something different
Wheres this doctor can i save him
I am done i add the fire
Can i save this doctor from death
Is he here in this place he writes about
Is he in the nether...

I step into his world
I see his experiments gone wrong
Its a hellish place, there are things to face
And thats when i see the pigmen
Its so sad its so sad its so sad
Poor souls they didn't stand a chance
I wonder if they're miners
Or if they're zombies in a trance

I found him dead...

And alone.

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