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Iron Golem (The Villagers)

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We have come alone, traveling by sun and
We have come in peace, for exploration
We just want to learn, study vegetation
Study on the mobs, experimentation
We have brought goods, trade us what you will
And we will ask you, to protect us and kill
But until then, we have a master plan
When it is done, we won't need your skill

We are the testificates
We use our minds to create
The things you see inside
Our village not for eyes

We're being attacked every other day
And as every day goes by, not getting better
Gotta find a way to make the mobs pay
So we'll put our minds together and make a protector
We'll gather up the stone and smelt the iron ore
And we'll use the red dust we found at the core
And we'll go into the nether to get the glowstone
And his eyes will glow bright, chill them to the bone

Our creature is done, he weighs a couple a tons
And he's programmed to alert, when somebody comes
So when they try to kill, we'll run into the hills
And our iron golem, will get every last one
All the mobs will pay throughout the night and day
And when they decide to come the golem makes his way
So we don't really need for you to come and help
But if you want to stay and learn then you may

[b, we are the testificates
We try our best to relate
But our intelligence
Is something too innate]

Whoa.... whoa....

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