v1: I killed an Enderman, I killed him with my bare hands
He gave me an EnderPearl, what is it I'm supposed to do

v2: I took the pearl I got, I took it to the nearest village
They said to ascend into my portal
I have to get a blaze rod, So I can get the blaze powder
So I can make an EnderEye

C: There's so many things that you can't get in this world
They're otherworldly, they're otherworldly

v3: I use the EnderEye, it helps me find a stronghold
So I can reach the end
I take obsidian, surround it around the EnderEye
and make an EnderChest, for you


PRE-CHORUS: There comes a time, for everyone
When you need to do something thats never been done
You gotta look, where no one goes
I don't want to impose...

CHORUS: You gotta look to the otherworldly
You gotta find the otherworldy
You gotta find the place thats never been found
It's not where you are, in the sky, or in the ground
You gotta look to the otherworldly
You gotta find the otherworldly
You gotta get to the other side, the place that hides
You only get there with the eye

B: When you find the End, you'll be ready
for anything
How else did you get there, you didn't work hard
for nothing

[C, PreChorus, Chorusx2]

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