I've come across something different
It's never been here before
The trees get more dense as i go
So much for me to explore

Yeah, what will i find, here.

It seems the trees are different species
And they're so tall they touch the sky
The ground is covered in many bushes
In dark shadows i can see eyes

Yeah, they're watching me, here.

In the jungle there is an ocelot
When i try to find him he runs away
Maybe i can catch him and make a friend
In this world you always could use a hand

I've tried many ways to bewitch him
Nothing seems to work anymore
I have never tracked such a animal
It is now becoming a chore

Yeah, he's eluding me, here.

I've tried using meat from the pigs i
Killed so many things i don't under
Standing still i haven't tried yet
It may still be able to work...

Yeah, it's worth a try....

This ocelot, he sure is smart
He runs away from sleeping darts
But what he doesn't know is
I'm a fisherman...
I'll bring a catch he won't forget
His mouth'll water n' paws'll sweat
Next thing he knows is that
He scares away my creepers

He's followed me for a couple days
As long as he is fed he stays
I feel much safer when he is here
I hope my wolfie doesn't hear

Yeah, don't be jealous, wolf.

They get along and work as a team
The cats the whip, and the wolf the cream
I haven't needed to heal myself
I should probably knock on wood.

Yeah, i hope this is wood...

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