You came upon the entrance of an old mine shaft
Shivers up and down your spine you feel a cold draft
But you push up further down the tunnel and some old stairs
You check to see if you have torches and you say your prayers

Several winding corners and you come to a ravine
There seems to be a wooden bridge that leads you to a gleam
You follow through this tunnel until you reach the end
You've never seen the likes of this you're ready to defend

I can't see what is coming for me
It's crawling on the ground, and it's very tiny
It's eyes are wide, it looks hungry,
It's crawling on my legs, and it starts to eat

You come accross some rooms that are blocked with iron bars
Doors that lead to nothing and it really seems bizarre
Torches lead your way as if there's someone really there
You've never seen this block before should you really dare

You start to get your mining tools and have your second thoughts
You wouldn't want someone to think you're stealing and get caught
You wait around and see if someone ever would come by
Nobody ever comes and so it's now your time to try

Silverfish come in a swarm or two
They wanna show you around, or maybe tear you in two
They got a mean set of teeth, and they crawl on the ground
They'll get you in the dark, and eat you pound by pound

You grab all of your tools and then you start to run away
The block you tried to mine is now a silverfish souffle
You hear them right behind you and you smell their rotten stench
You're not paying attention and you fall son of a *****

You regain consciousness and you remember where you are
You spot the stairs that got you there you really aren't that far
You almost make it to the top you see the light of day
You didn't make it fast enough and now you are fillet

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