I just found a wolf inside my minecraft game
I didn't know that it was something i could tame cuz
I hit it upon the head with my ol' wooden stick
And apparently i'm not that fast cuz i couldn't get away that quick

You know i want to be your friend
If i get attacked by monsters you'll help defend
You'll come to my rescue when i am pinned
That's why i want to be your friend

I killed some skeletons and took all of their bones
Even the zombies when the came at you with scary moans
I give you treats with all the bones i've piled high
I'll build you a water elevator to a doggie house in the sky well

But then one day i found some more
We had a pack of 20 more
All of the monsters came at night
And we gave them all a fright because

You are the wolf, and i am the miner
I've got all the diamonds in the world but
Bones couldn't be brighter in your eyes

We've got a secret base that nobody can find
What secret base?
That's right good boy i knew that you were always smart
I could always see it in your scruffy little face

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Composição: Bobby Yarsulik. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.