I don't care what your eyes see
I don't care what your arms feel
I don't care what you want to know
I don't care just let your feet say go

I don't understand your question
You know you're the only one for me
I don't understand your best friend
But I get startled easily

You're the only (x 4)
You're my queen, my queen, my queen
Where have you been?
I've been waiting all night on the front porch
Just me and your ma and pa
Standing by the empty swing
Watching the road wondering

Where have you been all night?
I checked my watch for the fourteenth time I was thinking about
what you had in mind when you said honey yours are the only
hands that feel right
Cuz I meant it when I said that yours are the only hands that
ever felt right, ever felt right, ever felt right

Don't let the truth come between us
Cuz only the end will pull us apart
I feel like Apollo
And you could be my Venus
I close my eyes and hold my hands and walk up to a broken heart

You're the only (x 4…)

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