Foto do artista Missa Mercuria

Whisper Of The Soul (Watergoddess)

Missa Mercuria

Here is the water
That rushes on, and passes on
As your body will stumble
To hope your drawn. Here in the evening
I watch the clouds they`re forming above your head
In the silence you will watch and pray... they'll ever fade away, ever fade away
From the child, ever fade away From high, watch the rain
Tears welling up in your eyes
Watch the rain that`s falling down from the sky...
Watch the rain, that's welling up in your eyes
From The Lies
Needing the water
An element, so spiritual... and essential for living, this world we know
Indefinite flowing is so immense, so wonderful so tell me, when will you realize,
That its not a game and then you will awake, then you will awake, from denial,
Then you will awake,
From High, watch the rain tears welling up in your eyes
Watch the rainthat`s falling down from the sky
Watch the rain that's welling up in your eyes
From the lies

Notes for mid:
Accepting the feel of bliss
You unfold the fantasy
That changes the lonlinessbelieve in me

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