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I remember when i was at shcool they treted me like i was afool
punished me 4 tring 2 aked cool and set me in the class as facingthe wall
others had a lright but not fun 4 me i had maths when they hadpe
practice 4 my g.c.s.e i was tuld the rest were beter then me in
english evry 1 got c not me they gave me a g pushed the kid byall the
bullie cut my hed on the grond and grased up my nee sent 2school on every
birthday howers detenshon evey friday i had 2 werk when otherscould play so
i said miss tll be a dj but no i becam an mc with mis teeqlisning 2 me
kick in the ribes and 1 in the nee i never now it could of meanme

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