Oh I gave you my heart every little bit
You're holding me till the night is gone
Oh my little heart really blew apart
When you touched me your hold's so strong
Now you look in my eyes and I feel the need
I will try to make your dreams come true
Nothin' else I do only lovin' you
And I never will tell you lie

Bells of Paris
You steal my heart away
Bells of Paris
Rememberin' that day
Bells of Paris
When I met you on the Champs Elysees
In the old cafe

Bells of Paris
Comin' up to me
Bells of Paris
Like a fantasy
Bells of Paris
I met you in the Paris lights
And I felt alright

Oh you stood in the light of an old cafe
Your flaming eyes breakin' up my heart
And you dance in the night in the magic light
And you gave my life a brand-new start
Oh you feed my love to your hungry soul
And I see an angel in your eyes
Won't you take my hand to a wonderland
I will take you to paradise

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