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You see the shadows standing by your door
And as it inches open you say
I can't take it anymore
It's all too often
They take it out of you
Why can't the love the way you love
Why can't your dreams come true

And i see the pain running from your eyes
It tells me that you're desperate to find a love that can melt your cold heart inside
Heal your hurt and ease your mind

Look in the mirror
At your battered face again
It brings a tear to your eyes as you turn and see headlights in the driveway
He's coming home again
Why can't he love the way you love
So hard to understand

You've traveled far from the place you once called home
Now this time you feel so alone
This love will find you, the one you're searching for
And if you can love with this love
You'd be so much more, so much more

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