People, they seem to know alot
Mindless, they tend to talk alot
Maybe they don't know as much as they think
Now I'm, not pointing any fingers
But I, think I've been pretty fair
Maybe I'll change that
Maybe we'll change that

When will they know,
I don't wanna go?
When will they know,
I'm out on the road?

We'll be so far gone!
They won't know!
Where to look!
They'll read me,
like a book!

Satisfaction, oh tell me where did it go
It's long gone, it's long gone
Don't try to save me, I'll save myself
Look in, to my eyes
You better recognize
A failure when you see one,
that's what I want you to think

It's alright, it's okay
Attention, I won't pay
I'll just sit and wait here for you to sing

Can't you wait your turn, when I fail, while I'm falling
You sure take a chance when you speak, your name calling

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