I read a book today,
It made me think of a life I led,
It seems so far away,
But then I wouldn't call it dead,
I see a name or two,
And the ghosts just start to roll,
I had them locked away,
It seems they've cut their own parole,
Now face the music son,
Some people seem to remember when,
But you're no storage space,
You've lived a dozen lives since then.
So, what would Modock do,
If his memory got too full,
He'd find the power source,
And he'd pick what plugs to pull.

I looked in the mirror,
As somebody blew up,
I turned on my TV,
As somebody blew up,
I learned how to lie well,
As somebody blew up,
I learned how to live true,
As somebody blew up....

My brain was still today,
Just taking a little debt,
Just like the doctors say,
I never get that kind of rest,
The movie's on again,
They got me nullifying ghosts,
Better dead than red,
I guess I'll never get off the boat.


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