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What's It Feel Like (Is It Good)

Montell Jordan

Let me know
How it feels
When I'm inside of you
Every time I hear you say my name
Scream and moan
I know we're getting closer to
The moment that we


Can't stop ('cause it's getting)
Too hot (all the freaky things you)
Say to me
Show me you like it (tell me)


What's it feel like
When I'm sexin' you (tell me baby)
When I'm inside
Is it good to you

Verse 2

When I'm touchin' you
Tasting you
And doing all the things you like
I'll drop down and I'll kiss your thighs
And satisfy
(To) I'll take your body there tonite
To the moment when

Pre-Chorus Repeat

Chorus Repeat 2X


Is it good (it's so good to me)
Good to you (it's so good to me)
Let me know (I'll tell you what it feels like)
Is it good
Is it good

Chorus Repeat

Vamp Adlib

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