If you've got faith and you believe in what you're living for,
you can stand your ground when the devil's at your door.
And a little hope can help you when the road is gettin' rough.
But there's nothing quite like life if you've got love.

If you've got love
you can move a mountain a little bit further down the road.
You can do it all at once or one rock at a time.
If you've got love
you can turn a picture into a priceless work of art.
That's what you can do if you've got love in your heart.

Now there's nothing like a real good friend to tell your troublesto,
but there's just so much a real good friend can't do.
'Cause it takes a lover's touch to chase the darkest bluesaway.
If you've got love, you've got what it takes.

(repeat Chorus)

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