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Hey yo,
i don't even know you and i hate you
see, all i know is my girlfriend used to date you
how would you feel if she held you down and raped you?
tried and tried, but she never could escape you
she was in love and i'd ask her how? i mean why?
what kind of love from a nigga would black ya eye?
what kind of love from a nigga every night make you cry?
what kind of love from a nigga make you wish he would die?
i mean, shit, he bought you things, and gave you diamond rings
but them things weren't worth none of the pain that he brings
and you stayed,what made you fall for him?
that nigga had the power to make you crawl for him
i thought you was a doctor, be on call for him
smack you down cause he said you was to tall for him, huh?
that wasnt love, baby girl you was dreamin'
i could of killed you when you said
your seed was growinn' from his semen

love is blind, and it'll take over your mind
what you think is love, is truly not, you need to elevate andfind
love is blind, and it'll take over your mind
what you think is love, is truly not, you need to elevate andfind

i don't even know you and i'll kill you myself
you played with her like a doll and put her back on the shelf
wouldn't let her go to school and better herself
she had a baby by your ass, and you ain't givin no help (uhhuh)
big time hustler, snake mother fucker
one's born everyday, and everyday she was your sucker
how could you beat the mother of your kids?
how could you tell her that you love her?
don't give a fuck if she lives
she told me she would leave you, i admit it, she did
but came back, made up a lie about you missin' your kids
sweet kisses, baby ain't even know she was your misstress
had to deal with fist fights, and phone calls from your bitches
floss like you posses her, tellin' me to mind my business
said that it was her life, and stay the fuck out of it
i tried and said, just for him i'll keep a ready clip


i dont even know you and i want you dead
don't know the facts, but saw the blood poor from her head
see i, layed down beside her in the hospital bed
and about two hours later doctor said she was dead
had the nerve to show up at her mothers house the next day
to come and pay your repects and help the family pray
even knelt down on one knee and let a tear drop
and before you had a chance to get up, you heard my gun cock
prayin' to me now, i ain't God but i'll pretend
i aint start your life life but nigga, i'mma bring it to an end
and i did, clear shots and no regrets, never
cops comin' in watch me go to jail
nigga whatever my bitch, fuck it my sister
you could never figure out even if i let you live
what our love was all about
i considered her my blood, and it don't come no thicker


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