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Tenebrarum Oratorium (Part 2)


Oh, insinuant tongue of Lilith
Oh, virtuous Latin Langsuyar
Will you both drive me onto an erudite zenith?
Will I take part in the libidinous dances of Nergal?

I lust with thee, pictures, fetishes of luxury

Does the incomparable beauty of Kali
Still adorn this grey heart, my own
Where the love of Lebasy
Once shined joy, now sorrow

I lust with thee, these exquisite icons of impurity

As I undress you of pagan beauty
Who embrace my sex with all your passion and strength
The lost chimera of virginity will be your true purity
And thy Cownleyian erotic laws will rule at last

We, seekers can not deny

That the temptation of Samael
Is thy erotic law of every man
And I will hesitate not to enter hell
Where this Dioniosiac fortune had ever dwell
Oh, phallus of Satanachia, possess with me
These cunted beings to their end
Until the sunset of their resistance fall
Behind the flowers which adorn their head

I lust with thee, everlasting seekers of animality

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