Love me.....right, what's the matter with you
Hold me.....tight, why must I tell you what to do
Smiling, smiling comes as no surprise
Smiling, showing what you see in my eyes (ohhh, I)

I've got it (I've) right here
I've got it (got) right here
I've got it (the) I've got the love, I've got the love (I've gotthe love)
I've got it (I've) right here
I've got it (got) right here
I've got it (the)
Baby I've got the love

Feel me.....inside, touch me deeper than the skin
Show me.....you're diggin every bit of this woman
Take me.....deeper, give me the love I'm dying for
Oh, make me.....a believer, give me the love
I'll give the love you've been dying for

I've got the love to give you the strength to keep on livin'(yeah)
Whatever it is you can't do without what I'm givin' (uh-uh)

CHORUS (2x w/adlib)

I can give you, give you love like a hot hot water
Keep you runnin' runnin' right back
Hit 'cha catch ya got 'cha like uh
I can't help it if I work ya like a new job 24-7
If I can take a minute just to hit you with it
Take it like a man and hold me like a woman
Oh baby take me high I'll work the solo
So fine won't want another love but mine


Tell me that you're diggin every bit of this I'm giving to you
And tell me that you love it and you're diggin it too
Keep it coming give you lovin' baby till I'm through
I want you, I want you


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