How can you defeat that which finds
Nourishment in your attack?
How can you kill that which
Finds sanctuary in your blade?
How can you hinder that which
Embraces the strategies against it?
You can take nothing from not

In my being, nothing is
Nothing becomes
Nothing is not
In your world, all things return to me

I'm the collector of soul
For they're never past my control
I take of what is and nothing of that I give
I'm the alpha omega
My way in itself, complete
I am the continuum

Human, meagerness of purpose
Come feed me what I please
My spirit shan't be hindered
For it knows no weakess
I dine on your pain
Your strength is only that of men
Human, why do you clutch your flesh so?

In my being I am
I will
I create
In your world all things return to me

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