Our unsleepable friend
Gets the message on an ill wind
"All your friends and your foes
Would rather die than have to touch you"
To say the least: truly disappointed
Truly, truly, truly, oh...

Drank too much
And I said too much
And there's nowhere to go - but down
Young boy - I wanna help you
See these lines?
Truly disappointed
Truly, truly, truly, oh...

Don't talk to me now
About people who are "nice"
'Cause I have spent my whole life
In ruins
Because of people who are "nice"
Oh, this world may lack style, I know
Each bud must blossom and grow, oh...

Young girl, one day you will be old
But the thing is, I love you now
This is the last song I will ever sing (yeah!)
No, I've changed my mind again (aaw...)
And thank you

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