This is our house
This is our garden
This is our kitchen, when I got home
These are the pictures, of people we love
This is my father, God rest his soul
These were my dreams, I reached in the sky

This is my wife
These are our children
They are my world, everyday
Take a look at their dreams
They reached for my hand
I’d never let go, given the chance
This is the love, I feel for then now

You are still my best friend, you are still my best friend
You are still my brother, you are still my brother
You are still my sister, you are still my sister
This is where the blood flows, this is where the blood goes
Daddy can you show me, daddy will you show me
I can feel you close now, I can feel you near now
Daddy would you walk me, walk me through the twilight
Daddy will you show me, show me
Mamma don’t you die inside
Daddy hold my hand, but you gotta let go
So I can go home

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