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Jumping Jahova

Mother Love Bone

Blow me

Green eyed lady, oh yeah
Doo doo doo doo

Moonlit lady
Is slicker than a weasel

Flaming guitar boy

A push

Red light means go
A Jumpin Jahova, boy
?????? outside your door
He's showing you the bottle
One-fifty-one, shake it

So I was itching at the end of the bar
As she was looking at my bass guitar
I don't even recall her name hahaha
All the bitches are just the same
And then she said

And next thing I knew I was in her bed, child
Well yeah child
And crazy things were goin on inside my head, yeah
Sure 'nough
And I don't even recall your claim to fame
You can straddle my brass, baby yeah

Red light means go
And know you've been mine, sure 'nough
?????? and sure 'nough you're mine
Warm and fine ??????
A Jumping Jahova
It's forever and ever

Whoa yeah
5'4" 110 Good Lord thin
A snake eyed floozey I said I just I gotta have you
Oh my Jumpin Jahova
I gotta get it
Are we sure that your over?

She boogie she boogie
And the next thing I knew I was on the ground yeah
Play guitar shake
With dead bones in my sail
And I turned to her and I said
All I really want from you is your smile
Help me
And maybe I could love you
A just a little while yeah yeah yeah

I don't even recall your claim to fame
Straddle my brass, baby yeah
And I don't even recall your claim to fame
Come on come on
Witness me I gotta gotta gotta gotta have

It's for sure that your over
Won't you give it to me
It's for sure that your over
Baby, is it jumping?
Witness me, witness me now
Is it jumping?

And if your eyes start to fade
You know you got it made
You got a 5'4" 110
And you know you never gonna keep it in

Ooo yeah

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