Run away
Don't look back
King of beasts in your neck
His eyes red tinged
With blood of rage
One step too late
He will engage

My claws are sharp
My mind is calm
One fault of you
And I will come
To take your life
To eat your flesh
You as my pray the best

The heart is at
Its limit now
You should stop
Should let it go
Instant death
Your only choice
Is telling me a screaming voice

Just let it go
You already know
Your end is near
You will disappear
Nothing to fear

He looks back
King of beasts lost his track
Thinking of his
Life as saved
So close to his grave

There it is
Your one mistake
I'm hiding here
You take a brake

Soon you'll feel
My deadly teeth
Your dying underneath
One last breath
Painful death

Stares into his own eyes
Sees life fade away
Time to turn around
Time to depart this way
You would think it is hard
You would think I'd be sad
To be honest I am glad

One must die
One can live
The cycle of nature
No one can resist
You would think we are different
You would think we are smart
But we also just take part

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