Two sides to all of us, with me you get ´em both,
My good side´s wonderful, tho´ I don´t like to boast,
Better not cross over ´cos the other side´s a beast
But don´t expect the most if you can´t take the least

Blackheart, what you think of me,
Blackheart, you want to believe,
The dark side´s all you want to see
Blackheart, Blackheart
What you wanna do,
You know it´s always true
Give back what I get from you,

I know the ones I win, I know the ones I lose
I can´t apologise, I know I paid my dues
I can´t be sorry, if I ain´t always a saint
Like to be a nice guy, but don´t blame me if I ain´t

So that´s the story, what you see is what you get,
No doubt there´s better men than me
But I ain´t met one yet
No doubt the dancer calls the tune,
So you can call on me
I´m all I´´ve got, and what I am is what I´ll be

Pay your money, take your choise, everybody´s free,
I know nobody´s perfect and if they are it won´t be me
I´ll be the bad guy in the movie of your life
Just thank your lucky stars I didn´t use a knife

Blackheart, what you think of me, Blackheart,
You want to believe
The dark side is all you want to see

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