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Crosses And Crowns

Mullen Nicole C.

For those who seek the face of God
For those who call the name of Christ
The road upon this earthly sod
Will one day lead to paradise

We embrace the Cross of Calvary
Pressing toward the prize we will recieve

We're waiting on new wings, searchiong on old sky waiting for
The day we see Heaven coming down there is a promise land
But there is mercy in the meantime
While we're walking on the ground
Between Crosses and Crowns

We stumble and we lose our way
We question what we're doing here
Yet all the time we watch and pray
We're wondering if the end is near
So He left us His amazing grace
Until, we see Him face to face

Repeat Chorus

We're pilgrims on a mission field
Where the heart gets changed and the soul gets healed there
Is a purpose in these shadow lands
Between the crosses of gold and
The nail-scarred hands.


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