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It's morning,
and we slept the night away
It happened,
now we can't turn back the hands of time
(oh no)

Yes we've stolen this moment,
We forgot to face, one simple fact
We both belong~ to some else
As we slept, the night away

It's morning,
sunlight shines across your sleeping face
A new day,
brings reality that we must go our
Se~parate way
What a lovely night, we had (yeah yeah)
As we shared each other's love
We forgot about all the pain we'd cause
as we slept the night away

As we lay
We forgot about tomorrow as we lay (mmhmm, hey hey)
As we lay
We didn't think about the price we'd have to pay( oh no, no no nono no no no)

It's morning
And now it's time for us to say goodbye
Goodbye baby
you're leaving me,
I know you got to hurry home to face your wi~fe, whoa
I would never want to hurt her no
She would never understand
You belonged to me for
just one night
as we slept the night away

As We Lay
We forgot about tomorrow
As we lay
We didn't think about the price we'd have to pay...oh no

We should have counted up the cost
but instead we got lost
in the second, in the minute, in the hour
hey hey, hey as we lay
we forgot about tomorrow, as we lay

It's morning (it's morning) (oo oo)
It's morning (whoa~~)
It's morning

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