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Her New Enemy


She loved you, and everytime I've seen her there
She was never leaving, she was going nowhere
But now that you ruined it all it won't be easy to say

Sorry for being such an idiot
Complaining for all she's done and
All she has not
Too late, there she goes away taking with her only regrets

And I have told you there were things you shouldn't do anymore
Her self-compassion, you kept on burning and you
Never let your anger go away

She gave her heart, you gave her pain
I hope she won't even remember your name
You could do anything you wanted
But just neverr ask your baby
Not to go out

On a suny day, who would wanna stay
Locked at her room?
You made everything seem to go wrong
Wronger than yesterday
And I don't know what happens next
Was this a test?


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