I hate the way they move and exist, but they're surrounding me
I cried for days because of you, I wish you all die soon
No mercy for humans
You all tried to push me to the coffin, I touched the worst is death
Now I'm here to make you suffer, to lead you to my own grave
No mercy for humans

But in a hidden place where men fear to cross the river, far in the forest
Candles burn on a stone crypt
All around the fire, painted black and grimly
They curse the world they let behind them, without regret
They are a few, but so different and so dark

Far common life of man, keep the ancient flame
Metal nights of sadism and lust, may the dark flame burn again!
No mercy for humans
Returning to primitive rites, may the human race die
To let place to our black kingdom, for ever, for ever
No mercy for humans

Save me, I'm drowned by this world
I want to end now it's too long
I wanna die and I fucking cry
See what you have done of me

And fewer again of them leaved to touch the eternal flame
Those who choose the night, those who choose their way
No mercy for humans
Breathing the silence of the woods, forget the lost world
Another force, darker than ever possesses your life and soul
No mercy for humans

And the ones who didn't feel the force to leave stayed in bitterness
Among the humans and became like them
No way back, no way back, no way back
No mercy for humans

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