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Bounce, Shake, Move, Stop!


Bounce, if you really wanna loose control
Shake, if you feel the rhythm in your soul
Move, if you really wanna have some fun
Stop! if you think your gonna hurt someone
Swing when your getin dizzy on the floor
Shout, when you see us walking through the door
Dance till we're sweating in the morning sun
Stop, if you think your gonna hurt someone
We can go and have a little party
Just a couple of us acting naughty
My crew is ready and they look real common
They at the tele with the hot tap running
You know theres jumping and theres no fronting tonight (ohhh)
If loving you is so wrong i dont wana be right (oh yeah)
Take your shoes off baby and close the door
Wer gna do a couple things we've never done before
My heart beats shaking up the whole dance floor
Do you really wanna bounce with me
Check it
Now i'll bump the eq iq plus im gq
Can you be see through
When girls wanna creep through
People you get froze brains permittin clittins over gettin kittin life when ill be hittin
I kick there brass rittin
Stripper on ma zipper
Coz ma heart has hit it
You cats is trippin
Im splittin 2 chicks
We up in room 26
Licking the ice cream
Plus the cool whip
And the hats out i wana stick it where the cats at
Flip it into a script n get money for ass crap
Large y'all
Ill make it lutenen for sarge y'all n out like fat kids n dodgeball
C'mon y'all

Do what you do now baby yea give me your love
Start on the kitchin table then down to the rug
I bet your mama told you neva fall in love with a thug
But i know you wanna bounce with me

(bounce shake move stop x2)
All your touchin got me so excited
Everybody grinnin now i just can't hide it
So if you wana come and get back on it
You gotta give me something more than money
Bounce (lets go)

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