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The Light at the End of the World

My Dying Bride

(Small a speck in the wide blue sea
'Tis the last of all the land
A dweller upon our lonesome isle
The last lonely man)

On weary nights under stars
He'd ofter lay and gaze
Up towards the moon and stars
The sun's dying haze

Time and again Orion's light
Filled our man with joy
Within the belt he'd see his love
Remembering her voice

Such is life upon the isle
Of torment and woe
One day good, one day bad
And some days even hope

The light at the end of the world
Burns bright for mile and mile
Yet tends the man its golden glow
In misery all the while

(For fifty years he stands and wait
Atop the light alone
Looking down upon his isle
The Gods have made his home)

A deity felt sympathy
And threw our man a light
- 'Your woman you may see
Again for a single night'

- 'I'll tend the light for one more night
With the woman whom I love'
Screamed the man with tearful eyes
To the deity above

And so it was that very night
His lover did return
To his arms and to their bed
Together they did turn

In deepest love and lust for life
Entwined they did fall
Lost within each other's arms
They danced

Her hair, long and black
The dark beauty of her eyes
Olive skin and warm embrace
Her memory never dies
Agony, like none before
Was suffered by our man
Anger raged and misery too
Like nothing ever before

(His sacrifice was not so great
He insists upon the world
Again he would crime, again he would pay
For one moment with the girl)

Long was the night filled with love
For them the world was done
Awoke he did to brightest light
His woman and life had gone

To his feet he leapt, to the sea he looked
To the lighthouse on the stone
The price is paid and from now on
He lives forever alone

Fifty years have passed since then
And not a soul has he seen
But his woman lives with him still
In every single dream

Tis sad to hear how young love has died
To know that alone someone has cried
But memories are ours to keep
To live them again, in our sleep

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