Your deep thought blew my router
Why not a bowl of New England chowder?
Health care coverage missing dental
Skip the candy, hit a bowl of lentil

Stop hoeing your team of lush blooms
Un-condense some cream of mushroom
Lost three goats, one fine filly
Wrangle those shitters with vegan chili

Steamy pot, what you got for me? (3x)

Traipsing Paris enflames your bunions
Cuddle up with some hot French onion
You know your plans will just get botched, so
Why not some cold gazpacho?

Stop worrying about your soiled bedding
Why not a bowl of Italian wedding
Menu options looking gnarly
Always safe with vegetable barley

Steamy pot, what you got for me? (3x)

Ladle it up (x8)

There's delis in lotsa malls
I'd like to find some good matzoth balls
Saltines ain't got the means
I need a punch packer like oyster crackers

Ding-dong, it just hit noon
Grab yourself a mug, a bowl and a spoon
You ain't nobody 'til you're somebody's dumpling, lumpling

Steamy pot, what you got for me? (3x)

Ladle it up

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