You're so pretty when you lie
lovesongs always make me cry
i dont think you have a choice
there no truth left in your voice
remember when we used to laugh
just try to forget all that
wear my heart upon your lips
i hope it tastes just lke shit!

just call me me, miss ann thrope

you're so pretty when you die
lovesongs always make me cry
i don't think you realise theres no blue left in your eyes
remember when we used to sing
just try to forget those things
fill your hole inside with dirt
i hope that it fucking hurts

just call me miss ann thrope

you have left a trail of deceit assault an flattery
blasting through my wounds
imprisoned me in god and poetry
a ritual to mend my angry heart
a bredding ground for your untruth
if god created man in hisown image then fuck you

ashes to ashes, dust to dust
my hate for you defines my lust
bridges to bridges your nothing to me
welcome world miss ann thrope

miss ann thrope
miss ann thrope

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