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(Before) You Break My Heart

Alannah Myles

Walking all alone down the city tonight
Remembrance of you and I
Now I think I miss your smile
And I'm still ready to fight

Feeling you so sorry now, and all broken down
All I need is you around
Before you break my heart
So please try
Before you break my heart
Baby you and I could have been so nice

By now it might be too late
'cause all I wanna say tonight
I wanted you by my side
Things you said so far have no meaning to me anymore
Why can't we be like we were before
Could we make it last forever

So more
Stop ! Before you break my heart
All I want is a chance to believe
If you could understand me
Stop ! Before you bring me down
'Guess I'll never be your star

If you could understand me
'cause all I want, is you tonight...
All you can do for us
Is to give all you have

In your eyes, in your soul, in your mind...
All you can say by now
Will make it right...

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