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Wishing On The Same Star


It's so hard to leave you
I don't really wanna go
I don't wanna say Good-Bye to you
It's the last thing I wanna do
But I won't be sad now
Cause 'til you're in my arms again you'll be inside of my heart
And wherever I go, We'll never really be apart

We'll be wishing on the same star
Looking at the same moon
When you're thinking of me,baby
I'll be thinking of you
And no matter where I go
I will be there with you
Wishing on the same star
Looking at the same moon

It's not really over, baby, it will never be
Long as you keep me in your heart
I'll be there anywhere you are
And when you feel sad remember all the love we shared
And when you're feeling alone
Well, just look up in the sky, oh and baby so will I


No matter where you turn around
It's the same sun that keeps shining down
Wherever we'll be, I know that we'll be
Wising on the same star


WIshing on the same star

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