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We wait for the day to burn into night
And then I wait for dawn,
And I open my eyes when it gets bright
And I know I must be home.
I know I must be home,
God I'm coming home,

Hold tight cyclone
Found love in the music
But lost it in the overtones.
Sweat on the brow, blood on the lips
Love for the money, and gold at the fingertips,
At the fingertips.

Hold tight cyclone
Don't need no religion to look for the Kingdom Come
Gotta feel for the ground, reach for the sky,
Leap off the edge to see if you fall or fly
If you fall or fly.

Hold tight cyclone
A fool to continue but love keeps me holding on.
And it feels good real slow.
I love you to hurt me
But pain makes me let you go,
It makes me let you go.

Lost in the overtones - cyclone
Lost in the overtones - cyclone
Lost, lost, lost...

Ooh hold tight!

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