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He's Comin'


Booya that is the name of the gangme and my boyz all i day we hangrepresentin´ the fattest shit that you ever heardone for the money and two for the girlsladies let me see your g-string droptime for some action you know we don´t flop til the topthis is how we do everyday knockin´ out niggas in the facelike casius claybaby baby what can we dolet´s go for a ride with me and my crewunstoppable inflammable sensational internationalhigh class quality the best you can getyou wanna step you better check the internetapply while standing in the linebooya in the house to blow your mind
He´s comin´ he´s comin´he´s here have no fearstay by his side and he´ll take you for a ridehe´s comin´ he´s comin´he´s here have no feardarkman is backnana is here
He´s comin´ (2)
Stop listen let me introducetoni cottura my homeboy got juice like bruce leethe masters of kung fuflashbacks in your dreams another deja vousboom when he comes thru the doorno doubt about the fact that you want some moretrue love and respect we have for one anothersignin off or a sec it´s the darkman nana toni cotturayo nana i got your back like no othermad love respect for another who ain´t booya gonna suffertoni cottura dying would i for yabooya is my family like daisy is my flowerbülo made it yes! jan and june gonna creep to the top soonnana-hmm you fucked your enemiesmad lover and props gives you booya family
He´s comin´ (3)
And i am back picture me where i am atarnold schwarzenegger style i´ll break your back and your neckbelieve me i´ve been thru a lot of shitbe happy that you could afford to missunderstand i am just a young black manwith the mic in my hand from new york to japani pray everyday to the bible and korandear lord i am witness and more than a fannow me my nigga t.c. bow down when we come to your towndon´t stand arroundblaw blaw how you like me nownana means king with a funky ass crownciao ciao bye tschüss aufwiedersehenitalien-jew-german style mixed with africantaken over control before you realizedbooya til the day that i die

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